Apply now! We are now accepting applications for 2022 Columbus Innovation Catalyst Group B!

Updated: Oct 3

United Way of Central Ohio is now accepting applications for Innovation Catalyst. A limited number of Innovation Catalyst Grants are available! Applications are due by Noon, Friday, October 28th.

Program: To help Central Ohio nonprofit organizations create innovative, impactful and more sustainable initiatives, United Way of Central Ohio is once again partnering with CauseImpact to offer a premier cohort consulting package to a select number of agencies. The 2022 Columbus Innovation Catalyst Group B program will run from November 15, 2022 and continue to August 1, 2023. The program will conclude with the completion of an agency business plan for a new venture or business model, which will increase mission impact while diversifying revenue. Each participating agency will develop a launch-ready concept and business plan.

Innovation Catalyst Overview

Innovation Catalyst Grant: Through the generosity of United Way donors, along with critical funding support from AEP Foundation, the Columbus Foundation, and IGS Energy, each participating agency will receive an Innovation Catalyst Grant of $13,125.00, to help fund their participation in the program, and will be responsible for a 1:3 grant match of $4,375.

Innovation Catalyst Funders &

More Information

Eligibility: Any registered nonprofit organization whose primary service area is Central Ohio is invited to apply.

Requirements for Participation: Applicants must:

  • Submit a completed application no later than Noon on Friday, October 28, 2022.

  • Be able to provide matching funds of $4,375.00.

  • Commit to full participation in the Innovation Catalyst program:

  • Designate this project as a strategic priority.

  • Build an Impact Team (a description of the Impact Team will be provided as part of the application process. Please see below).

  • Assign a project leader from the agency’s leadership team.

  • Participate in group sessions and presentations (schedule TBA).

  • Develop, over the course of the program, a detailed business plan to launch-ready status.

  • Executive leaders and at least one board member from each finalist must be available for an online interview to be completed no later than November 8, 2022. Interviews will be scheduled as finalists are selected.

  • Be prepared to bring your entire team to Columbus on November 15, 2022, at 3:30 PM, for the Innovation Catalyst Kickoff Session.

  • The business plan development process will conclude with live presentations to the program funders and the community in August of 2023.

Innovation Catalyst

What Participants Say

Applications may be submitted via this form.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sean McGee at CauseImpact:

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