Join Sean McGee from CauseImpact and @unitedwayofCentralOhio on November 10th or 12th for a special information session and Q&A panel session with Innovation Catalyst alumni!

Innovation Catalyst information sessions, please click on the link below to sign-up!

November 10th. 9:00-11:00

November 12th. 12:30-2:30

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Today we welcome our 2020 Impact Teams for the Innovation Catalyst: Strategic Realignment. These nonprofits will be working with us at CauseImpact

and CNM to explore new ways to make their organizations more resilient in the face of the challenges of 2020. Congratulations!

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You may have heard it called a silo, or a walled garden, or my favorite, a bubble.  It’s the place you sit where you hear the voices you choose, in the manner that makes you most comfortable, at time that is convenient to you.

I encourage you to “bust” your bubble.  Seek out the voices that make you uncomfortable.  Look into the nooks and crannies of life for sources you haven’t heard before.  Go to places that are inconvenient and out of your way to meet new people, with differing opinions, who walk a different path than you do.

None of this is an effort to get you to compromise your beliefs but rather a hope that you will broaden your perspective, making you a more formidable and agile nonprofit leader.  That which makes us uncomfortable is the mother of innovation.

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Central Indiana iCat Applications are open till June 11th. 2021!