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About us

We know nonprofits!
We understand how challenging times and competing priorities can make it hard to serve your mission.

Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of nonprofits improve their mission impact and financial sustainability.

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CauseImpact was founded on the idea that nonprofit organizations can make a bigger difference through strategic innovation.

We help nonprofit leaders solve problems, develop innovative new models, and grow their mission impact.

When you work with CauseImpact, your organization will strengthen its internal capacities and sustainability, and position itself to outpace your peers to create meaningful, lasting change.

Our proven track record  demonstrates our commitment to helping nonprofits transform nonprofits into more robust, effective, and innovative entities, that are better equipped to serve their communities.

Let us help you to Do Good. Better.™

Meet the Team

Sean McGee - Instigating Partner

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of exploring a wide array of roles and industries, each offering its own challenges and learning opportunities. After college, I spent a few years in computer tech, which served as a springboard into entrepreneurship. For the next 17 years, I navigated the complexities of starting and growing businesses in specialty retail, hospitality, community festivals, competitions, and educational programming.

My path took a more purposeful turn when I shifted focus towards the nonprofit sector. Over the past 18 years, I've served as a coach and consultant supporting nonprofit organizations. This work has been deeply rewarding, allowing me to assist in strategy development, leadership coaching, and developing social venture initiatives.

At CauseImpact, my role as Instigating Partner is not just a title—it's a commitment to sparking positive change and helping organizations achieve their most ambitious goals. I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such meaningful work, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside the incredible leaders and teams I have the honor of working with.

You can reach me at

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Tom Bishop - Facilitating Partner

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As a teenager, when I was beginning to think about what path I might choose in life, my father shared some words with me from Robert Baden-Powell; "Try and leave this world a little better than you found it…"  Those words have been a guide to me my entire adult life.

My career has been predominantly within the nonprofit sector, save for a stint as a video production manager at an advertising agency and various freelance media production side gigs. From hands-on staff roles to executive leadership, I've dedicated my professional life to mission-driven work that enhances the lives of those I serve.

Over three decades in the nonprofit sector have enabled me to contribute at local, regional, and national levels, not only in direct service but also as an advisor, consultant, and trusted confidant to other nonprofits. This journey evolved significantly in 2014 when I transitioned to full-time consultancy, amplifying my impact across the sector and allowing me to serve multiple missions through a single mission: To help nonprofits Do Good. Better!

At CauseImpact, as Facilitating Partner, my role is to ignite engagement, ask questions, and guide discussions that increase mission impact, grow revenue, and drive organizational change. This work affords me the privilege of collaborating with extraordinary individuals dedicated to making a difference through their talent, diligence, and determination. Working alongside them and their organizations is a daily gift, enabling me to live by the words imparted by my father all those years ago.

You can reach me at


Helping nonprofits prosper since 1999

Lloyd Craycroft Headshot.png

"My coach brought a lot of human touch while maintaining a professional tone. It felt like building a friendship, with extra accountability and support for solving puzzles and finding answers to hard questions. Not to get too churchy, but in the Greek language this is the word paraklētos: one who comes alongside, a comforter, a counselor and helper. That is the word I would say best describes the experience."

Lloyd Craycroft

President Emeritus

Victory Ministries


"The Innovation Catalyst allowed us to bring in key partners, our board members, our community members, our students, and our staff, to really get their ideas in place and together to maximize the impact of our idea."

Dr. Emerald Mitchell

Founder / Executive Director

Moves & Grooves

Paula Haines Headshot.png

"When we actually stepped back and looked at what we needed from a business standpoint and from a supportive services standpoint, what our clients and those that we were serving needed really challenged us. It really directed everything to [our goals], and that's what led us forward, that  just led to everything else coming into place.”

Paula Haines
Executive Director

Feedom a la Cart

Rob Bisceglie Headshot.png

"We started with probably 30 different ideas that we thought were possibilities for us, and then worked through the process with CauseImpact consultants to hone in on the very best idea, do our research and write a complete business plan that allowed us to launch a successful venture with strong support from our staff and board."

Rob Bisceglie

Action for Healthy Kids


“This is the way we’ve always done it”

We’re ready to innovate!

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