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Nonprofit Innovation

Create new unrestricted revenue streams for your nonprofit.

We’ll guide your though the formation and launch of a social enterprise model within your organization.


Generate new revenue doing what you do best


Reduce your reliance on grants and donors


Service tailored to your unique needs

Nonprofit Innovation

We will work directly with your team, tailoring our process and pacing to your unique situation and needs.

We'll use a strategic, collaborative approach that emphasizes the balance between creating social value and achieving financial sustainability. We'll help you conduct market research to understand the needs of your target community and assess existing solutions. Then we'll work with you to clearly define your new venture's mission, vision, and impact goals.

From there, we'll work together to develop a unique value proposition that differentiates your enterprise from others. We'll help you explore business models, paying special attention to mechanisms to generate revenue while achieving your social objectives. 

Together, we'll produce a detailed business plan for launch and growth, including pro forma financial projections. We'll also build a compelling pitch deck and presentation to help you secure needed support for your new venture.

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Here’s how this service works:



Our collaboration starts with planning the work we'll do together, tailored to your unique situation.



Together, we'll do the research, planning and design work to develop a plan to achieve your goals.



Detailed implementation plan with timeline, milestones, resource requirements and metrics.


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